The Magic Of Social Networks…

The magic of social networks…
Close but so far,
wherever we are,
In facebook or in twitter,
everyone is a star.

The magic of social networks…
brag and boast about every silliy thing,
even a bunny out there is a king.
And, where every little love tales,
starts with a single ping.

The magic of social networks…
You can always share what is on your mind,
no matter what is the kind.
The screen where no-one wants to fall behind,
and where pals from all zones you can find.

The magic of social networks…
the race is for the best profile photo,
getting the maximum likes is every girl’s motto.
Boys are nothing but the best stalkers,
and, poke is all they do,
when the profile seems a locker.

The magic of social networks…
Where candies are the ultimate crush.
To complete the level everyone is in a rush,
But it sure is a total lush..
without it there would be a atypical hush.

The magic of social networks…
it certainly does work.
Sometimes people become a total jerk,
but that’s all right-y
it’s the magic of social networks. 🙂

7 responses to “The Magic Of Social Networks…”

  1. Kumar Ravi Avatar
    Kumar Ravi

    Really…its d magic of social networks…. 🙂

  2. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    🙂 🙂

  3. anweshamohanty Avatar

    haha…. it was fun of reading this post… 😀 😀 tickling lines for those who are frequently using social networks,… 😛 (y)
    good one ! (y)

  4. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    🙂 ty

  5. Davinder singh Avatar

    acha ji..

  6. raj visa Avatar
    raj visa

    nice blog!!!

  7. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    Thanks raj 🙂

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