Jealousy !!!

Darker than the night,
Painful than the bee bite.
Dangerous than the sin,
when injected on the skin.
It’s the jealousy drug
that clings on like a bug.

Bitter than the quinine,
that coins from the love line.
Pungent than an acid,
that emanates from the existence,
not so placid.
Oh, the envious mother !!
you kill humanness one after another.

Sultrier than the sun,
in it’s sea everyone burns.
Colder than the snowy night,
one feels nothing but the plight.
The goddess of covetousness,
can lead you to nothing but distrust.

Devised from the love,
conceived from the unfulfilled desire.
Engendered from the failure,
be it the pioneer of insecurity.
The green-eyed monster
sure is not in our control.
It can take an eye for an eye,
a life for a life.

4 responses to “Jealousy !!!”

  1. Kumar Ravi Avatar
    Kumar Ravi

    Again another piece of art…
    Gud…keep it up… 🙂

  2. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    ty 🙂

  3. anweshamohanty Avatar

    Vinny <3 I love the complete poetry as well as the the words. 🙂
    every stanza is beautifully flavored with the words and descriptions 🙂 best one of yours 🙂

  4. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    ty 🙂

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