India Salutes !!

India salutes !!
To him who stands out the cold,
so that we can enjoy the song of old.
To him who digests the pain,
so that we can enjoy ‘bhuta’ in the rain.
To him who lives on in the borders,
so that we can be free of “the terrorist disorder”.
To him who braves out the fear,
so that we can live without any tears.
To him who wants a ceasefire,
though none but to his own nation he is sired.
To him who is selfless,
and his dedication for the nation is endless.
To him who sticks to the line,
to see his motherland never decline.
To him who combats till his last breath,
to keep us away from the dance of death.
and, to him who sheds away all his blood,
only to see every tiny tots blooming out of the buds.

India salutes !!!
To every soldier who has happily kissed his death,
To every warrior who has sacrificed his life,
for friends, family and people,
not only of his own but also unknown.

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    Kumar Ravi

    Jai hind…

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