The Alcoholic!

Dawn or dusk, all he wanted was a drink.
Of alcohol he would always stink.

He drank and he drank,
For the lovers’ had a fight.
Little did he know it was his own plight.

He gulped and gulped, being smeared in his highs,
Never could he see his child’s daunted eyes.

He sank in the hooch only to abuse his wife.
If only he knew it was the end of his life.

Blinded by the spirit, intoxicated by the liquor,
The disease was making him all the more sicker.

Eyes so red with a clumsy balance,
To his drunkenness, there was no silence.

An addiction so bad,
Making everyone sad,
It was a disease he had.
The only cure he has is to flush out while he’s awake,
Or keep waiting for when his life it takes.

3 responses to “The Alcoholic!”


    Very Nice !!! I specially liked the line
    ” Eyes so red……..silence ”
    Keep writing and inspiring !!

  2. Vinny Avatar

    Thank you Jij! 🙂

  3. Manjunath Avatar

    Nice 👍🏻👏🏻But in recent days it’s other way., soon you need to replace he with she 🙈😬😬😊

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