And then my friend, we can break the gender stereotypes…

When she can be a breadwinner and he a homemaker.
When she can be the decision maker and he a support system.
When he can as much be a ‘Nurse’ as she can a ‘Pilot’.
When he can as much be a part of ‘changing diapers’,
as she of his ‘business plans’.
When he can cook for her and she can take him out for a drive.
When he can be as sensitive as she can be audacious.
When she can walk as freely in the dead of night as he can.
When he can cry his heart out as she can.
Then my friend,
We can cut-off this social stigma.

When he can accept all the pinks and she the blues.
When she no more have to be a feminist to protect herself.
When he no more have to be a chavunist to prove himself.
Then my friend,
We can call ourselves Equalists.

When we can accept the flaws of our culture.
When gender would just mean a male or a female sex.
When we can unbiasedly move forward.
And when we can usher in the changes we want to see.
Then my friend,
We can break these stereotypes.

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