Rains !

The day becomes cold,
and the night becomes bold.
The wind becomes swift,
when season takes a drift.
The sky becomes black,
and the sun gets slack.
The thunder becomes strong,
and the lightining comes along.

Then comes the rain,
and sheets down again.

Drizzles as it pours,
and I keep standing at my door.
Sometimes its just as high,
I let myself drench while I close my eyes.
Across the window pane
it splashes while it pours.
I keep gazing,
to the grassy lane.
I keep listening,
to the beating drops.
That i wish would never stop.

Beautiful as is the rain.
It brings with it
joys to the farmhands.
While the tiny tots
playfully yacht the boats.
It washes away all the pains.
While for some it’s just as lame.
The flavor some can’t sustain.
While for some it’s all the same.

But remember my dear friend,
The mighty clouds and the roaring winds,
is just a brief kind.
The beautiful sun is always shining behind. 🙂

3 responses to “Rains !”

  1. Satya Prakash Das Avatar
    Satya Prakash Das

    This is beautiful.. The depiction is so accurate..
    Want to get drenched in rain after reading dis

  2. Vipul Mishra Avatar

    That’s the takeaway – “The sun is always shining behind.”
    Beautiful piece!! 🙂

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