” TIME “

It’s a tick tock on the clock
It’s an aeon that one’s gone is gone.
In the blink of an eye that you lay,
It turns from seconds to hours to day.

One can treat it as one likes.
It is the past
that in our memories today last.
It is the present
that we all live on as we ascent.
It is the future
that tomorrow can be of great stature.

It’s the unstoppable season.
It’s the immeasurable saga.
It’s the spell bound youth.
It’s the moments in vintage.

It never waits 
It never lasts.
It moves so fast.
And it is so vast.

It can be good or bad.
It can be old or new.
It can precious or unprecious.
It can be organised or unorganised.
It can rhythimc or unrhythimic.

It depends on one’s prime.
To deal with it or not to deal with it.
To experience it or let it flow in a blow.
To calculate it or not to.
’cause even when you don’t,
time does the same for you,
in the long run.
That’s the beauty of time. 🙂

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