Not Just…

Change should be for the better,
Not just ’cause it is inevitable.
Live a life that really matters,
not just ’cause it is inescapable.

Grow up to learn life’s best lessons,
not just to be an educated ignorant.
Grow up to enjoy the beauty of adolescence,
not just to be in some shape different.

Feed to taste the best food,
not just to have a daily meat.
Laugh like you are in the best mood,
not just to hide your own stealth.

Talk, to talk your heart out,
not just ’cause you have to.
Miss, to feature life’s perfect delights,
not just to regret and be blue.

Love, to get the most sublimate honor,
not just to have some relationship pleasure.
Kiss like you got the perfect fonder,
not just to pass the time at leisure.

Change should always be for the better
Not just because it is inevitable.
Live a life that really really matters,
not just because it is inescapable.

3 responses to “Not Just…”

  1. Kumar Ravi Avatar
    Kumar Ravi

    Just awesome @vinny….

  2. vinny@wings of poesy Avatar

    Thanks !!! 🙂

  3. Vipul Mishra Avatar

    I’m in love with this poem. I wish everyone reads this, because I think it needs to be told, especially to our generation
    And, great piece of work as always!!! 🙂

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