“If Only…”

If only the roads were always right,
a passenger would have never gone astray.

If only the Judge could act on emotions,
the court would never demand evidences.

If only taking home earnings was always fair,
a man would have never learnt the unfair.

If only friends were always true,
an enemy would never act as a fake friend.

If only blacks and whites were considered one,
people of only one colour would have survived.

If only society was always to let in,
a soul would never have been ostracized.

If only love was always unconditional,
One’s faith would have never intervened.

If only life was always dreamy,
one would not need to learn the actual.

If only death was the better escape,
one would have never made lie an alternative.

If only those words were as real,
you would never have to believe otherwise.


  1. Beautifully Written..Keep it up !!!
    ” If only the above words remains true to itself
    The world would not have filled with so much misery & helplessness “.

  2. If only you were born a few centuries ago,
    You would have been a chapter in my literature book.

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