Did I tell you, that I love you ?

That seeing you everyday is a bliss !

That your hands on mine are the perfect match !

That your lips on mine is the perfect touch!

That in the tranquility of the moment, I can always feel your heartbeat !

That your eyes meeting mine is magical !

That talking to you for hours in never dull !

That your arms are the safest place I have lived in !

That “you and me” are meant to be !

Did I tell you that you complete me ?

If not, I am telling it now…

A pure soul like yours complete me.

Did I tell you, that I love you ?

If not, I should tell it more often and I should tell it now.

“I love you “

And I know,

“You love me even more”


P.S. Dedicated to someone who will always remain special !

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